What Is a Megapreneur?

Jack Prot

Megapreneur? Seems like a big word that would have a complex definition. Not so. The definition is actually simple. A megapreneur is a performance enhanced infopreneur.

What separates the typical infopreneur from the megapreneur is the magnitude of the online publishing world.

The typical infopreneur has to work harder to achieve a lower income than a megapreneur does to achieve a higher, recurring income. If you are a typical infopreneur, you should want to learn how to build a business based on doing work one time that pays you for life, than doing one one-off promotion after another.

The basic idea of being a megapreneur is to work less while achieving a lot more. You want that, don’t you? Now, it doesn’t mean no work at all. There will be work, but not all the time. The work is mostly in the beginning, getting it set up. Modern technology makes it easier once you learn how to use it the “smart” way. Do that, and you will be able to build a huge business with relatively little work. The payoff is much, much higher than running the 9 to 5 rat race while working less.

There are five key megapreneur traits that you need to learn and implement to work less and achieve more. These are all very important, so read carefully.

The first Trait of a megapreneur is his or her focus. The megapreneur has a narrow beam focus on everything concerning the business. So many people jump from opportunity to opportunity without really focusing on anything. They haven’t yet gotten serious about building an online business. When it comes down to it, there really is no such thing as an instant, turn-key business. They all take massive amounts of work constantly. The megapreneur is wholly focused on building the business. You need to take the time to build a solid, high income producing business.

Doing every promotion in a huge way is the second trait of a megapreneur. Big promotions can easily result in 5 and 6 figure results of each campaign. If you are making only 1 to 3 sales per promotion, that is not getting you where you want to be. Becoming a megapreneur can change that. With a few adjustments and smarter moves, you can get 4 to 5 figure incomes literally overnight.

The third trait of a megapreneur is to have a huge following. Now this is not the same as having a huge list. You can have a huge list (200,000+) and not have much of a following. It is the quality of the subscribers, not the quantity that counts. So many people fail because they simply do not recognize the importance of quality vs. quantity. A huge following results in many things, more than just getting name recognition, such as higher sales and high responsiveness. You don’t have to rely on just your own list to build a huge following. With a Megapreneur Millions System, you will be able to create huge followings from the resources of other people.

The fourth trait of a megapreneur is an attitude. A do-it-once and reap the benefits for life attitude. This is a very important trait. Work once and have income now and in the future from that same work. If you are working hard on one promotion and then starting all over again for another, you are working way too hard for too little results. A megapreneur will take a couple of days to write a very good sales letter that he or she can then use over and over with a few adjustments for each new promotion, perhaps testing headlines, fonts, etc.

It belongs to the megapreneur for life. Concentrate on important things, things that will pay off continually into the future. That is key to working smart. Using a Megapreneur’s focused attitude, a one time action will result in recurring income and benefits for a lifetime

The fifth and final trait of a megapreneur is the ability to adopt the internet lifestyle in the fullest way. So many infopreneur fail to do this and find themselves working constantly just to keep making an income. They have little time for anything else. As a megapreneur, you will be making money 24/7 so you will have time to spend time with your family, go to a movie, do things you like to do and things you want to do.

Work hard and play hard. Wouldn’t you like to have the time to play? After all, besides having your own business, isn’t that one of the main reasons you became an infopreneur in the first place? Be a megapreneur and do it!

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