The Value of Writing Down Goals

Jack Prot

One of the most important aspects to the process of goal settings is to first establish and define your goal. The truth of this evident in a statement made by Lee Iaccoca: “The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.” For one reason or another, when we write something down it seems to be more permanent. It is rarely forgotten and we are constantly reminded of it. It also provides us with the ability to refer back to our goals.

To help illustrate this, think about why we write down a grocery list every week. We do this so nothing is forgotten or skipped over. We make this list so every necessary item and personal and food product is purchased. If you have ever gone grocery shopping without a list, you know how confusing of an experience it can be. You seem to be all over the store. Then once you get home and realize things you had forgotten to buy, you become frustrated.

It is quite one thing to say you want to accomplish something, but without a clear and defined plan; few goal settings are rarely accomplished. It is too easy to get sidetracked without a plan to keep you on the path to your goal.

The first step in your goal settings plan to set a goal is to write down the plan!

Commit the goal and yourself to paper and you are more invested in the process and therefore much more likely to succeed.

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