What Does Phobia Mean?

Jack Prot

We were born with only 2 fears. The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Every other fear we have learned whilst growing up.

This means that a phobia is something we have learnt from somewhere or someone. Stressed emotions of any kind are a result of our perceptions. Our perceptions are the result of our life experiences and the meaning we place upon them. So if you have a phobia of spiders then the fear you feel is a result of your perceptions about spiders. Your perceptions about spiders are a result of all your life experiences with them and the meaning you have attached to those experiences. Any cures for anxiety in regards to phobias must involve the changing of perceptions.

To eliminate anxiety from a particular phobia you must work with the unconscious mind to release any negative emotion that have been linked to any past experiences with the trigger object. When you ask what does phobia mean it is simply the result of the unconscious mind having paired intense levels of fear with the object of the phobia. To call a phobia a disorder of any kind is to infer that there is something wrong the mental processes of the person involved.

To me there are no broken people. When I work with people I see them as incredible result producers who are working perfectly in every way. Our minds work exactly like a computer. We can only produce results according to the software we have. Our software is the accumulation of our life experiences and the meanings we have placed on them.

A phobia is just a result a person is producing. They had the required life experiences and applied the necessary meaning to those experiences to allow them to produce that result. Although we can not go back and change the life experiences we can change the meaning we have applied to those experiences. This creates an automatic change in perception which allows us to change results and gain anxiety attacks relief.

To change the meaning we have attached to a particular life experience we must release the negative emotion that has been stored with it. Whenever a particular memory is triggered the mind sends the signal to the relevant organs of the body so that you can feel the emotions paired with that memory. In the case of a traumatic memory, whenever this trigger/response process it is effectively recreating and adding evidence to the original trauma. Unless you do something to interrupt this trigger/response mechanism you are destined to keep repeating the past.

If you have been frightened by spiders in 100 different life experiences then your mind has 100 different pieces of evidence to say that spiders are something to be scared of. Until you provide irrefutable evidence to the mind that the opposite is true it will not let go of the fear and eliminate anxiety. The only irrefutable evidence that the mind will accept is to be in a situation with a spider where it does not feel fear in the body. Sounds like a catch 22.

Quantum theory has given us new insight into what does phobia mean. It has allowed for the creation of new healing modalities which are producing seemingly miraculous results. I worked with a girl recently who had developed an earthquake phobia. Every time a large truck drove past her house, and shook it in any way, it caused her to go into a panic attack. 6 months previously she had been involved in an actual earth tremor and this was the source of the phobia. With one of the new healing modalities I was able to clear it in less than 5 minutes. How quickly a phobia clears is directly related to how long they have had it and how much internal evidence they have to support it. As yet I have never come across a phobia that has taken more than half an hour to clear.

What does phobia mean now is different to what it meant a few years ago. No longer is it a life sentence. The cures for anxiety have taken a great leap due to our greater understanding of quantum theory. It is now a simple task to eliminate anxiety and gain anxiety attacks relief.

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