What Are Promotional Items And Why Use Them?

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A promotional item also known as advertising specialties is merchandise imprinted with your company name, logo, and contact information given away free of charge to the public, customers, or prospective customers in an effort to promote a business or increase interest in, or sales. Although promotional items are used for different purposes, their main goal is to constantly expose a company’s name.

While there’s a lot to be said for being innovative, when it comes to promotional items to advertise your company, some of the old standards are still the best and most popular (ex: pens, adhesive pads, magnets, etc). If you’re looking for advertising gifts to put your name in front of your customers, sometimes it pays to follow tradition. There isn’t an item that fits a company per say, factors changes the qualifications such as the project, incentive, goal, budget, etc.

Promotional products grab people’s attention every day (ex: mugs, pens, key chains, etc). They are the only medium that engages all five senses. Customers can see (ex: all), hear (ex: AM/FM radio), touch (ex: fan), taste (ex: chocolates), and even smell (ex: candles) them. Promotional items are a proven benefit to marketing a company at a reasonable price as they vary from very inexpensive to more costly. Just like any other marketing strategies it all depends on your project.

Promotional items can be used to:

o Build new business- to motivate sales representative to increase sales or introduce a new company.

o Retail promotion- to increase retail sales.

o New product launch- to increase the awareness of the public.

o Creating awareness- to raise revenue such as for research projects.

o Employee motivation- to improve employee’s attendance and customer service quality.

o Fundraising- to generate a higher profile for the foundation and raise funds for continued projects.

o Brand your own line- to empower and expand your company.

o Generate customer referrals- to help encourage customers to provide you with the names of friends and associates whom you can contact in the future.

o Stimulate trade show traffic- to increase traffic to an exhibitor’s trade show booth.

o Etc.

With thousands of promotional items to choose from it is always best to begin with a plan (ex: project, incentive, goal, budget, etc.). If you are uncertain on what item best represents your current venture, ask your marketing consultant. Promotional items are a cost effective way to get your ROI while making a long lasting impression, a case survey concluded that promotional items are kept at least up to two years by thirty five percent of people. Because promotional items are useful and appreciated, they are retained and used, repeating the imprinted message many times without added cost to the advertiser. The numbers of impressions are high as items are often seen by many or passed on. Promotional items have proven to work and their demand will only rise so if you don’t currently use them, start giving your company the edge it deserves.

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