Vibrational Marketing 101

Jack Prot

What exactly is vibrational marketing?

For enquiring business minds who want to know…

Vibrational marketing is engaging the power of energetic alignment to create the results you want in your business –

  • to draw in perfect clients
  • to launch successful campaigns
  • to make a lucrative living selling your inventory or services
  • to impact the world the way you dream about.

By exercising your ability to focus attention in a way that lines you up with your desire, your results will be more impressive and more reliable than through traditional action-oriented marketing methods alone.

Instead of relying on typical selling tactics like strategic pricing, promotion, messaging, packaging, etc., vibrational marketing is about activating the energetic frequencies that allow your highest business success to unfold.

Kryon has said that leveraging high-minded conscious thinking is our true high technology. Gregg Braden says this stuff isn’t magic or miracles – it’s just the technology we were each born with.

And for many entrepreneurs, it’s a whole new way of doing business.

Abraham-Hicks coined the term “vibrational marketing” back in 2009, and has talked about it with conscious creators over the years to leverage law of attraction in our marketing efforts. Here are some of the concepts they’ve shared:

  1. Your marketing results aren’t dependent on factors like your display or your presentation; rather, it’s the way you feel.
  2. If your energetic signal is tuned to, “My stuff doesn’t sell” then it won’t! Instead tune into the signal of, “I love what I’m creating and so do my customers.”
  3. The purpose of your marketing efforts isn’t to draw your clients – they’re already gathered. The point of your marketing is to draw you in to the success you want.
  4. You can improve your vibration for selling your products or services by focusing on what you love about it and how good it feels to offer it.
  5. Marketing campaigns that are based on action instead of vibration are founded on a flawed premise. We live in an energy-based universe, not an action-based one.
  6. The pre-requisites for doing well with your offering are that you must adore it yourself and believe fully in the value of it and its benefit to others. When you’re there they will flock to you.

Vibrational marketing is arguably the most important business skill an entrepreneur could master.

If you’re responsible for sales and marketing (either as a freelancer, solopreneur, sales rep, network marketer, etc.) and are interested in a new way of doing business, you’ll find that making vibrational marketing your primary marketing strategy a very smart move.

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