Using Free Business Classifieds to Grow Your Business

Jack Prot

In today’s downtrodden economy, small businesses need to protect and save their money. Advertising is a line on the budget that is often ignored. A small company just doesn’t have the funding to spend wads of money on advertising that is going to be limited and not reach a large audience. Problem is, you have to reach an audience. Do you take a shot on one commercial or place one ad in the Sunday paper and blow your whole budget? There is an alternative that will prove quite fruitful if you use it wisely, free business classified ads.

Free business classified ads are available on thousands of sites all over the internet. This is an amazing opportunity for any business. You can now literally reach every household that has an internet connection instead of just reaching the local community!

Some people will not take advantage of this because they don’t believe that they need to reach this large of an audience. So you are saying that you can’t use the extra business? Are you kidding me? This opens you up to a whole new facet and could be the difference in you staying afloat in a horrible economy or going out of business with the rest of the ignorant owners. You can’t afford to not take advantage of this!

You can also do much more with a free business classified then just a quick post. You are going to want to get as much information as you can in this listing, but most sites will put a line or character maximum on you. You are going to have to get your point across and do so with keywords. How much selling can you do? The idea in this case is to get them aimed somewhere so they can get the rest of the information.

The key to the whole thing is to give a quick, attention getting blurb about your business and then direct them to your website, social page or blog. Once you get them there, you can use as much space as you want to get your point across. Now you have generated hits for you website and you have not spent one penny. How great is that?

Don’t get too excited yet though my friend, we still have to make sure that they actually get the chance to see our ad. We have to be at the top of both the internal and external search engines. What this means is that our keywords need to be precise and to the point. There is no shame is stealing from our enemy here. You know, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. This is a perfect example of that. Steal what is working for them, improve on it and then use it to destroy them and take their business.

The last area of free business classifieds that you are going to explore is to post on smaller sites and sites that have absolutely nothing to do with your business. The plain truth is that all the major sites and industry specific sites are going to be bombarded with the same type of stuff that you are moving. If you place an ad for your business in a different field, you have opened yourself up to a whole new audience. Have you ever done a search for say gym equipment, then clicked on the link to see that you have been taken to a men’s clothing site? Do you think that happens by accident? No, they put keywords into site with people that they think will have similar interests in the hopes that once you get to their site, you will check it out and make a purchase. Sneaky yes, but still a very effective way to use free business classifieds.

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