The RUDIMENTS Of Effective Leadership

Jack Prot

In my four decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or potential leaders, I have come to the conclusion, there is insufficient focus paid, in the vast majority of cases, on the basics, which are so necessary, essential and important! Although many serve in a variety of positions, why is there so little, effective leadership? If it was possible, to, create leaders, who had the skills, attitude, and willingness, to do all, which might be necessary and/ or advantageous, in the process of making wise decisions, wouldn’t their organizations, be better served and represented? With that in mind, this article will review, using the mnemonic approach, the RUDIMENTS of effective leadership.

1. Relevant; reliable; reach out: One is not leading, unless his focus is relevant, and seeks viable solutions! His decisions must consistently, be reliable, and dependable. Ask yourself, if you’ll be willing to reach out, to those you serve and represent, in order to address their priorities, goals and concerns?

2. Useful; unique: Why do you believe, you provide certain unique characteristics, etc, which make you more qualified, than most others, to lead effectively, and in the most relevant, meaningful direction? Will you provide useful programs, strategies, and plans, or simply, more of the same – old, same – old?

3. Delve deeply; deliver: It’s important to go, well beyond, the mere surface issues! Rather, a basic rule of leading, should be to consistently delve deeply, so you are prepared and able, to make well – considered decisions! It’s never enough to make empty promises and use flowery rhetoric, but, rather, you must deliver on your promises, and create changes, for the better!

4. Imagination; ideas; integrity: How will you assure, you possess the quality imagination, which will propel, your organization, forward? How will you evaluate the quality of your ideas, and implement them, consistently? Will you proceed with the level of absolute integrity, your organization deserves, and your constituents desire and need?

5. Make mark; motivate: One must make his mark, for the better, if he hopes to effectively lead, his organization, in the most desirable direction! A true leader motivates others, not by their words, but by the quality of their actions!

6. Empathy; energy; excellence: Listen effectively, and learn from every conversation, observation, and experience, so you might proceed, with genuine empathy! True leaders inspire others, with the level of their energy, and strive for personal excellence!

7. Needs: True leadership must be about focusing on, and addressing the needs, concerns and priorities of those you serve and represent!

8. Timely; trends: Understand, recognize and determine which trends, might be relevant, and enhance the sustainability and potential of your group! Never resort to procrastination, but, rather, constantly proceed forward, and make well – considered, timely decisions, and take meaningful action

9. Strengthen; sustainable system: One never becomes a real leader, if his efforts and attention, do not consistently, strengthen his organization! The goal must be to address current needs and challenges, but, focus on the best, sustainable system, which you will perceive and conceive of, create, develop and implement!

Will you use the RUDIMENTS of effective leadership, so, as, to be a better leader? Are you ready, willing and able, to do, what’s needed and necessary?

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