The Queen of Talk Shows – Oprah Winfrey Knows How to Build Her Brand!

Jack Prot

In the modern world the one name that comes to the mind instantly in personal branding is that of – Oprah Winfrey. She is a super brand with a Midas touch. Whatever she touches turns in to gold. She picks up a book and reviews it on her show…zoom… up goes the sales of the book the next day and in a week the book hits the best seller list.

Oprah, the media maven, is the queen of talk shows ranked only behind the search engine giant Google in terms brand popularity according to a Newsmaker Brands survey conducted by the marketing firms Landor Associates and Penn Schoen & Berland. 1744 consumers that participated in the survey ranked Oprah second behind Google at the top emphasizing that high-tech and feel good products are favored by people these days.

Oprah is not an entrepreneur in the traditional sense of the term as she doesn’t manufacture or sell any tangible products. She is an entertainer that educates people about life and is a household name in America as well as many other parts of the world.

Her talk shows have a brand: a lot of crying.

Jokes apart, when Oprah and her guests are not crying, they put lives in perspective. Her name evokes ideas about taking charge of life, getting empowered, honesty and morality. Honesty is the hallmark of Oprah Winfrey. Being open about her own life has endeared her to millions of Americans.

By capitalizing on her moral strengths and personality traits she has built a business empire that’s worth more than a billion dollars. She has the honor of being the first black woman to have amassed such a fortune. And she rightly deserves every penny that she has earned.

Oprah’s strong moral character and the eagerness to solve people’s problems stemming from a genuine concern for others has elevated her to the exalted position that she enjoys today. Other than that Oprah does a few things that have further enhanced her comfort levels with her audience. She shares relaxed moments with her show audiences. Discussing things over coffee and croissants after the show, taking them around the studio, fulfilling cherished dreams of selected viewers, visiting their homes, and lavishing gifts on them has made her a darling to her millions of fans around the world.

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