The 10 P’s Of Personal Packaging

Jack Prot

There are 10 basic P’s we can all incorporate into our business personas. Remember minding your P’s and Q’s your mother always told you.
Well, now we can all achieve that goal. Keep in mind this is a continuingly evolving process. No one can be perfect on every point. However, it is important to recognize that these attributes are a part of the well prepared competent professional and with a little practice it could be you.

10 P’s of Packaging Yourself

o Perceptive – You really listen to what people are saying and what message they are intending to convey.

o Performer – You get the job done. Not just occasionally but on time and with credible results.

o Persistent – You never give up. Did you know that very rarely is a sale made on the first contact. Research shows it may take as many as 12 contact before closure is made.

o Poised – No matter what happens you keep your cool. If a disaster strikes interject little humor into the situation.

o Prepare – The more you can anticipate and be prepared the better the outcome. You know what you plan to accomplish when you walk out that door or pick up a phone.

o Proactive – Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Seek, them out. Take time weekly to find ways to be proactive about your own persona.

o Productive – We are all time crunched so be productive in the time you assign to any task. Minimize interruptions and keep on track with your assignments. Results count more than the “show” about getting the job done.

o Purposeful – You have a game plan in mind not blindly running around from task to task. You have short and long ranges plans though out and actively work to pursue those goals and objectives.

o Professional – Look and act the part. Be well groomed and well dressed for any situation. You have the necessary business skills and tools to keep ahead of the curve.

o Punctual – Be on time for most anything. If you are going to be late be sure that someone is apprised of the fact you will be tardy.

So if you have your P’s in order get busy “Packaging Yourself” for success.

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