Tees Maar Khan – Well Tried – I Think Farah Needs SRK for Success

Jack Prot

I think only one khan can make it happen with Farah Khan – its Sharukh Khan

The movie starts with an animated baby dancing in its mothers womb but it still felt awesome. Good technical work, very well choreographed and it proved that after slumdog millionaire the technical department of Indian films are proving things right.

Well the first half had some funny scenes and of course the best two songs are over in the first 30 mins, so there was nothing left to wait for after the interval.

Lets talk about Akshay Kumar – He is a brilliant actor and has done so many good movies – why is he is so desperate about being a Khan. SRK has its own charm and Akki has his own style.

Katrina on the other end has simply overacted, I do understand that the role demanded the same but i think she has lived her character throughout the movie – I think its the first movie of Akshay and Katrina where there was no chemistry at all.

Akshay khanna was abysmal, forget the need of the Oscar but i think he would be lucky if he wins even a small screen awards.

Now lets come to the end of the movie, just because Om Shanti Om acknowledged the team of Farah at the end, she does not need to repeat the same style in all her movies. She could have been more creative to show her team outside the film just as she took the train from Mumbai to pune with her stars.

Well Tees Maar Khan must have got average reviews around town but the actual view of the movie is below average.


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