Recruitment Trends in India

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The employment industry in India is influenced by a number of external factors, like multinational companies and large conglomerates which are entering the market, so people take these changes into account when shaping the landscape of recruitment in a way which suits them best. According to a survey by LinkedIn, India has been adopting proactive recruitment methods and in this aspect the country ranks above the global average. According to another survey called ‘Antal Global Snapshot’ performed by Antal International, a multi-national recruitment firm, where 10,000 firms worldwide were surveyed, the Indian job market is improving with an increase of 19% since the beginning of this year, with 59% of companies hiring at the moment.

As a consequence of India’s changing economic environment and its highest ranked priority, ‘improving the quality of hire’, some trends in recruiting have emerged:

Employer Branding

A good employer brand has a significant role in the ability to hire high-quality talent. 84% of people surveyed in India believe that their employer’s brand is of great significance in hiring talent.

Upgrading employer branding is the number two trend in India with 35% of people surveyed investing in it. The best way to market your Employer Brand is through online social professional networks like LinkedIn since this is the fastest growing method for promotion of employer brands. This type of marketing has an increase in popularity by 11% since last year, and holds the first place.

Use of Data

Statistics show that companies that analyze recruiting are performing significantly better over their competitors who don’t. By measuring your employer brand qualitatively and quantitatively, you can find out from where the best candidates come from and which advertising or sourcing channels are most efficient. These measurements will give you the opportunity to better understand your employment brand so you can go in the right direction and improve it.

52% of surveyed people in India think that organizations use data in the right way to make employment decisions, 55% survey their new employees regularly to gather knowledge about employment brand and 48% measure their employer brand.

Hiring Internally

The best companies are very supportive of Internal Hiring. This method for hiring is very valued by Indian employers. It is the second most popular trend for sourcing high-quality talent with a rise of 12% in the last 3 years according to the survey performed by LinkedIn. 94% of India’s companies take internal hiring very seriously and invest in it more or the same as before. 56% of people are investing more than they did last year and 38% are investing the same.

The search for talent is replaced by development of talent. 84% of business leaders in India think that new leaders must be developed because the traditional model of leadership isn’t performing well in today’s working environment. So the trend of training employees is rising as opposed to the trend of hiring new employees.

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting is a good way to expand talent pools and enhance visibility for passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for work. 59% of candidates use mobile to look for opportunities and 52% use mobile to apply. Nevertheless people still do not invest in it adequately with only 13% of people in India who do.

Social Media

Social media networks help companies get to know candidates in terms of areas of interest, professional network, educational qualifications and look into their career graph so to find the best people who fit their company. Social networks also provide the opportunity to reach out to passive candidates, people who have posted their resumes on social networks but aren’t actively looking for work, save costs, and have access to a great talent pool.

Social media recruiting is the most popular recruiting trend in India with a rise of 20% in its popularity in the last 3 years according to the survey performed by LinkedIn. 40% of people surveyed use this method to source candidates. It seems that this trend is here to stay since it has been suggested that those companies and recruiting organizations which will not be using this platform in the next 5 years will be out of business.


The pioneer of these social media solutions is LinkedIn. It sells the LinkedIn Recruiter Tool to recruitment agencies that offers a whole landscape of tools created to help organizations source candidates. Everyone expected that recruitment agencies and outside recruiters will cease to exist with the growth of LinkedIn. However, this isn’t the case since the emergence of these new tools made it more necessary to look for professionals to help find the right people.

The recruitment industry is not immune to changes that occur in the external environment and these trends change accordingly.

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