Prospecting in Network Marketing Business

Jack Prot

Network Marketing has three stages, which have been the same throughout history. They are prospect, presentation, and follow up. These three phases constitute the growth of your business. If your business is not growing and income are down, it is because you are not prospecting enough, presenting enough, or following up and starting new associates in the business enough. The way to increase your income is usually for you to increase the quality or quantity of your activities in one or more of these areas.

Many networkers ask this question on how to increase our prospects list? There have been numerous tested methods of generating leads; there is no 100% full proof mechanism. Lead generations can be done off line, on line, for no cost and through paid advertisement.

We join network marketing to make money, and we want leads to be generated for almost $0 costs or least cost. Let’s evaluate various options on generating leads.

Traditional way of generating leads offline:
This is the least expensive option in terms of generating leads. You walk out to your nearest mall, super market and other public places and approach anyone out there inviting them to learn how to increase their income.

Many networkers are bogged down on understanding perfect approach or best approach, we believe there is none. Only way to succeed is by doing and developing your own approach. Few trials and errors will teach you what approach works best.

Traditional paid advertisement:
This approach merits bit of creative thinking and it is going to cost you some money. You can advertise in local newspaper or magazine about your business, with redirecting them to contact you via phone or through your website. If you are ready to shell some money and consider making better use of your time rather than spending time to build the list then this is one of the best option.

Buying leads through companies:
Many networkers wants easy way out, I want to buy the leads who will be ready to do whatever it takes to build the business but looking for free or cheap. There are companies who are ready to sell leads for cheap, but no one can guarantee if those leads are really effective. First you need to find out good lead generation company which can really provide you good leads; their primary purpose of existence is to attract leads who want to build home based opportunity.

You have to negotiate with the leads generation company and forge a partnership, if they are really in the business for providing quality leads and help you to grow your business.

Generate your leads online:
Google – PPC (Pay per click): This has been very common form of lead generation online, few years back generating leads or driving traffic to your website was not so expensive. This has changed over the years and the cost is growing significantly high to maintain the quality and the volume.

Facebook – PPC (Pay per click):
Facebook PPC is something started recently. Not many of them know how to promote the business on Facebook with PPC concept. Facebook reach out to various audiences and provide advertisement on their social networking page.

Write articles:
This is another tool these days being used for generating leads. Its best you spend time in understanding advantage of article marketing, leads are not going to be generated with one or two articles but you will need to write tons of article before you see any real value of your efforts.

Writing articles doesn’t cost you money but it tests your patience.

Lead generating systems:
This is another tool that can be used to generate the leads. There have been lots of companies and individuals, who have developed these kinds of tools. We cannot rate on how effective these systems are, but best is to do bit more research on that system. You might be required to develop a thorough understanding on how to operate the system.

You can try one or multiple options to generate leads. We recommend to get the best result, develop a laser like focus and just follow one or two approach at the most.

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