Poker Strategy – Texas Holdem

Jack Prot

Texas Holdem is a game of poker odds, luck, and outplaying your opponent. Most people ask “what is the best poker strategy Texas Holdem”? That answer is a very simple one but it depends on a lot of factors. When we talk about the best poker strategy for this article we are going to be referring to poker sit and go’s. Sit n go’s are probably the single most powerful game to make a stable income playing poker games on the internet. There are many factors that go into your success of winning a poker tournament or sit and go. If you are just starting out and do not know what sit n go’s are, let’s discuss briefly.

Sit n go’s are a poker tournament consisting of 10, 9, or 6 players. The most common form of a sitngo is 9 players. There is only a few poker sites such as absolute poker that have 10 player sit and go’s. Almost all sites you run into you will see 9 player sit and go’s and 6 player sit and go’s. I would try to avoid 6 player sit and go’s as much as possible, they just are not profitable. With 9 player sit and go’s the object of the poker tournament is to be the last player standing out of 9 players. The top 3 left make it to the money. If you finish in the top 3, at worst you at least DOUBLED your money. Texas hold em poker is extremely profitable because of this. A 9 player sit n go may take you at most 40 minutes, once you develop a great poker strategy with a lot of holdem help you can constantly play high stakes and make as much profit per hour as you would like. Once you get good, you will be playing 100 dollar sit n go’s in no time.

First place for a 100 dollar sit n go is 450 bucks. 350 dollar profit in 40 minutes of work is not to shabby. This is done everyday by so many people across the world. They play sit and go’s as a constant and stable living while most people are throwing all their money away in a cash game. Cash games are horrible. The number one reason why is bad beats! Bad beats are a part of poker and there is nothing you can do. I can’t tell you how many bad beats Doyle Brunson has taken in his life time in which he describes so well in his Brunson super system poker book. Bad beats are part of the game and no matter how well you outplay and outsmart your opponent they are going to happen. That is why you need to limit your losses and by playing sit and go’s your losses are limited. You can only lose a set amount per game (the tourney buy-in) and nothing more. If you suffer a huge beat this high in stakes it may cost you 100 bucks in a sit and go, but in a cash game you may be looking at a 1k or higher loss.

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