MLM Recruiting – 3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Network Marketing Recruiting Efforts

Jack Prot

Perhaps the most pressing issue facing any new network marketer is finding enough leads to make your MLM recruiting efforts a success. Getting enough recruits to sign up to your empire is essential to grow your MLM business.

Getting people to listen to your business opportunity for hours can be a demanding task. Most people would prefer spending their busy days doing something else rather than listening to another boring and lengthy sales pitch by another MLM distributor.

So the biggest problem is leads! How do we find leads that are actually looking for a network marketing opportunity?

There are some very effective ways how anyone, even a newbie can generate enough leads to grow his or her MLM business the easy way. Here are three ways to skyrocket your network marketing recruiting efforts to give you the rapid growth and expansion you desire from your MLM organization.

Create Your Own “Google Friendly” Website

I know your company issues you a website with your distributorship, but that website won’t give you what you need. Whether you realize it or not, you don’t have any control over your company hosted website. What this means is that you can’t optimize you’re site to be Google friendly.

A Google friendly website gives you the opportunity to capitalize on people who are searching for what you offer. In essence, this is called “Free Traffic”!

The internet plays a major role in today’s society. And it is a very wise resource to tap into. Creating a sponsoring website that comes complete with an opt-in form and a presentation video is the perfect start.. This can be done with a minimal investment on your part, as most of this work can be outsourced for a few hundred dollars. The small investment can bring in hundreds of new recruits on auto pilot for free if you get it right!


Online branding has become a controversial issue in the internet marketing game. Offline Gurus and Online Gurus are constantly fighting over whether or not internet marketing branding is the future of network marketing. I’m not here to take sides, but what you should realize is that there are 1.8 Billion internet users today. There are 91 million Google searches per day. This tells us that millions and millions of people are flocking to the internet for valuable information.

With these numbers in mind, online branding has become a huge success and many internet marketers are driving traffic to their brand, in order to build a huge MLM empire.

Social network

You are missing out big if you don’t use the social networking platform to find new leads for your MLM business. Social networks are no longer an exclusive platform for teens and youngsters. People form all walks of life flock to these social sots to find new opportunities and to connect with others. You can put on MLM recruiting efforts on “steroids” with all of the social networking platforms available today!

Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are inexpensive ways to tap into a plethora of people. These marketing avenues are wide open for opportunity. As a matter of fact, if you’re NOT on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, then you’re absolutely leaving thousands of dollars on the table!

Listen, if you want to make a ton of money in your network marketing and generate 100’s of targeted leads per day, click on one of the links below:

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