Mass Music Promotion on a Shoestring

Jack Prot

Music Promotion pure and simple is a numbers game. It’s just like the promotion of any business service and or product. The trick is mass promotion. When I say mass promotion, I’m talking about the ability to submit your music to hundreds even a thousand different sources. Sources include Ezines, Music magazines, internet radio stations, music web sites, music blogs, I mean everywhere.

Weather you are just an independent artist or a small indie label working with artists out of your basement, mass music promotion is your key to creating income. The key to the success of any product is income, and until you expose your product to the masses, income will never began to flow in. Music especially requires massive amounts of exposure to start a buzz, and eventually start an income stream.

You as an independent label, and or a self promoting artist or musician can individually and manually submit your material to hundreds and a thousand different resources, but trust me, that can take forever. Even some indie labels that submit their material to several different resources themselves, will typically also acquire the services of companies that just specialize in submissions. There are companies out there that for a small fee, some packages starting under ten dollars, will submit artists music to like one thousand different resources including radio station, musician related blogs, Ezines, and web sites.

There is no better thrill than having a site where you sell your CD’s, and running a week long grass roots cheap mass exposure campaign, and seeing CD sales start slowly generating cash. This also allows you to take the even small amounts of initial cash earned from CD sales, and re-invest into more and more promotion. This is essentially how the game is won. You invest small amounts in the mass promotion of your product, and continually reinvest your profits to increase sales. Then the first time you have a meeting with a record label owner, you are able to take your reports showing your gradual increase in CD sales over a period of time. Talk about having a record label eating out of your hand.

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