Leadership Development In Medical Personnel – Reasons For Its Importance

Jack Prot

Human beings are capable of a very high level of thought process, and this works best on the individual level. When you put too many people together however, it’s as the saying goes – too many cooks spoil the broth. So, a leader assumes the role of thinking capacitor and thus a group of people are faced with less confusion and more of follow-the-leader. specially at trying times when quick decisions are to be made, if this were left to a group of people one can imagine the confusion that could be caused. But when a leader decides the plan of action very few complain, and even when they do disagree they have no choice than to follow suit. This of course could sound negative, but it does help maintain order in the society. Operation in a medical theater is risky business, and as any surgeon would confirm, quick decisions are to be made at times. The surgeon thus poses as the leader of the team in this case.

Leadership is thus very important in the medical fields because it is often a team and not just an individual that is involved in saving lives. It is easy to say that you are in charge, but who would respect those words unless they came from one with the right experience. Therefore it is the most senior doctor who is accepted as leader. It takes a great deal of thinking to be able to make right decisions in the field of medicine, and the one who is assumed as leader has to deal with the responsibility. Medical personnel also need to face emergencies at times, and leadership skills training can come in handy when you need to keep a cool head in an emergency. When the leader of the team is calm, he passes on that calming effect to the others in the team.

It takes a lot of courage for a doctor to go to work every day of his professional life knowing well that people are placing their lives in his hands. What kind of person would you want to place your trust in, the one with leadership qualities or one who is a nervous wreck? This simply explains the need for leadership training

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