Importance of Prospecting

Jack Prot

Making money in the world of internet marketing can be narrowed down to just one word. And that word is prospecting. Its like this, the more prospects you get to be interested in your product, the more chances your product will be bought. More sales equals to more cash. Simple as that. Although a little bit the same with marketing, prospecting is a totally a different ball game.

While marketing is the introduction of a product or a service to the people, prospecting is the practice of segregating which of those persons would actually be interested in that particular product or service that you are presenting.

I have to admit that prospecting is a very arduous and boring procedure. I have used up countless hours before trying to close a deal to no avail. Usually, out of 50 prospects, only a small percentage of them would actually say yes to what you are pitching. But then again, a sale is a sale.

The power of prospecting is occasionally overlooked by others for they think that when they have successfully marketed the product or service that they are offering to the market, the money will just roll in. Wrong! In order to maximize the marketing that you or your company did, you must follow it up.

Prospecting, no matter how superior your product is still relies on the law of averages. Be ready to get lots of NO’s. And when I say a lot, I do mean a lot. But don’t concentrate on the no’s. Be “one” with the no’s and the yes will come. For every 20 prospects, lets say only four of them would be fascinated. And out of those four, only two would be sales. Quite low right? But like what I’ve said, a sale is a sale. Do not dwell on how many sales you can make, but concentrate on how many persons you can try and pitch a sale. If you’re not still convinced, think of it this way.

Lets use a top company for our example. Ask yourself this, “how many shoes does Nike sell in a day?”. A lot right? Now think about this, how many persons in the world have the capacity to buy shoes? And out of those people, how many of them actually buys Nike? as soon as you come up with an estimation in your head, go back to my first question. “How many shoes does Nike sell in a day?”. Im willing to bet that not even one fourth of that number in your head buys Nike even if its one of the top brands when it comes to shoes. My point here is this. You are not the only individual out there selling your product or service. And chances are that no matter what it is your selling, thousands of other people are also selling the same product and service that you are selling. This is why marketing is just not enough. You have to give your target market that further push to buy your product.

Now, go and start prospecting.

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