Identity Theft Problems for TJ Max and Marshalls Customers

Jack Prot

When it comes to identity theft, there are many ways for thieves to get their hands on your information. If you shopped at TJ Max or Marshalls recently, you may have a problem.

TJ Max and Marshalls are two popular retail stores that can be found in practically every major city across the country. Owned by TJCos, the companies move a lot of products and consumers often pay for it with credit card information. This was particularly true during the recent holiday seasons. Now there is a problem.

TJCos has issued an announcement that hackers broke into its computer system. They were able to access the credit and debit card information for the retail operations. Specifically, they obtained the information for transactions done through Marshalls and TJ Max in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, such announcements are more and more frequent these days. In fact, they seem to be so common that most people don’t even pay attention to them. After all, how often are such announcements actually followed up by identity theft? Surprisingly, it rarely follows. Well, not in this case.

The financial information stolen from TJ Max and Marshalls is actually resulting in identity theft problems. Over 60 banks around the world are reporting that fraudulent charges are appearing based on the information stolen from TJ Max and Marshalls. In short, we are talking about the worse case scenario.

So, what does this mean for you? If you shopped at Marshalls or TJ Max with a credit card in the last six months, you need to take some steps. The first is to closely pay attention to the charges on your credit card statements. Verify them with receipts. If you find a problem, immediately contact your credit card provider. Also, send them notice of the problem in writing and keep a copy. This should relieve you of liability. Next, order copies of your credit reports and check them for new credit cards and any funny business. If you find something, contact the credit card company. Also, place a statement on the credit report indicating what has happened.

The holidays are a big selling season for retailers. In the case of TJ Max and Marshalls customers, it could last much longer than you might want.

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