How to Sell Gift Baskets to Corporate Clients

Jack Prot

Some of the most successful gift basket businesses have done so well due to their ability to attract clients from the corporate world and service them on a regular basis. In this article we look at why this market sector can be a great one to target and some ways that you can market your gift baskets to this group.

Companies often have to give gifts for a variety of reasons such as showing appreciation to employees, clients or suppliers. Gifts can help to build stronger relationships and can help to ease tension if difficulties emerge between the company and another party. A gift basket is the ideal gift as it solves the problem of ‘what to buy?’ and the ordering, payment and delivery process is usually made simple.

The great thing about corporate clients is that they will typically buy from you all year round for a variety of occasions. The consumer market, on the other hand is mostly made up of occasional buyers who will buy from you every now and then. So one good customer in the business world may give you ten or twenty times more business than a regular customer.

If you advertise well then you may find that corporate clients will come to you but the more likely scenario is that you will have to go out and get them. Getting leads can be difficult and if you aren’t able to utilize a personal connection with someone at the company then you are left with either telemarketing or other kinds of direct marketing to get in the door. One way is to just drop off a free basket ‘with compliments’ and hope that they like it and will use your services in the future.

Once you have prospects interested you then need to put your sales process into action. Refine a sales process over time and make adjustments until you have a winning system for turning prospects into accounts. Remember to treat each case differently, listen to each clients specific needs and try to offer a solution that is exactly what they are looking for.

Other common sales tips are to seek out decision makers, try to read body language and to know how to close a deal when the time is right.

Most companies will only choose one gift basket provider and they will work with them for many years if the service level and quality remains strong. A contract is usually not necessary but you should always remain true to your word and your brands promise.

Once you have secured an account you can start to build a long term relationship with a client. It is important that you keep up high standards when dealing with the customer such as answering or returning their calls or emails promptly and by making sure that you get every one of their orders right and delivered on time. Keep a file on each client and note down their specific preferences so that there can be no confusion. Don’t give them any excuses to go over to one of your competitors.

One of the routes to success in the gift basket business is through corporate clients and this sector can make up over 50% of annual revenue for some market players. Deciding to go after the corporate market with your products could prove to be very profitable for your business if you go about it wisely and professionally.

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