How To Put An End To Procrastination

Jack Prot

You can end procrastination if you set up a plan to do it. If you keep these following steps in mind before you get started on any project, you’ll be able to stop procrastination before it even gets a foothold.

Change Your Perception

Often when you think of the end project it can be overwhelming. It’s important to switch your perception on a project and not see it as an end product. Plus, you don’t want to let your false opinion of any one thing to cloud your judgement. You have to let all that go and try to find some excitement in doing the work.

Let Go of Fear

Realize that most procrastination is rooted in fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of not being good enough. Many people get so tied up in perfection that they can’t finish anything and never succeed, so that fear becomes self-perpetuating and never-ending. If you can let go of judgment and fear as you work through the tasks, you’ll be able to end procrastination.

Chunk Up the Project

No project is just the deliverable. All projects have steps that need to be done some in order, some together, but no project is just the end. In school, when you first started doing reports, your English teacher assigned to you different aspects of the project with due dates. Chunk up the work you need to do in the same way.

Just Get Started

Our minds change focus when we get started. It’s like that workout you don’t want to do; in the middle of it, you’re perfectly fine with it. And of course when it’s over, you’re satisfied that you did it. It’s the same with any work that you don’t want to do. Get started, and someplace in the middle you’ll feel differently.

Work in Breaks

If you have a long day of tasks you don’t like doing, and you can’t outsource them, work in breaks. In fact, even if you like doing the tasks, you need to have breaks in order to be healthy. Eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water no matter what you’re doing. It will help keep your mind clear and your body healthy.

Ask for Accountability

If you’re having more problems, be sure to find an accountability partner. You can pay for that in a life coach, or business coach, or you can ask a trusted friend or family member to help you break your pattern of procrastination.

Reward Yourself

Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. Work in ways to reward yourself that are healthy. If you finish a huge project on time, get a massage or go to a good movie with your partner.

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