How to Overcome Competitors in the Bail Bond Industry

Jack Prot

In Orange County currently the bail laws have been changing in many ways with bail agencies. It is illegal for bail cont companies to solicit business outside of jail facilities. But this has not stopped many of the bail bond companies surrounding the inmate detention centers. May bail bond agencies that operate under the law are helping law enforcement agencies to help crack down these illegal practices.

There has been a huge crack down on the referral of inmates from inmates from inside jail facilities as well. There have been cases filed showing inmates taking bribes from bail bond companies for there referral. The department of California Insurance has issued an investigation and cooperation with law enforcement to help clean this industry. But not matter what there will always be people not following the laws accordingly. It is important that maintaining your reputation and providing a good service to your client will out weight these negative practices.

Marketing strategies that are implemented are one of the best ways to help over come the shady competitors that are operating against the law. These strategies including understanding customer retention and internet marketing. Many of the offenders who use a bail bond company have a higher chance of being repeat offenders studies show. It is important to provide excellent customer service and being prompt with there requests. Thought the industry has changed for the worst some would say, but there are still bail bond companies in Orange County that are turning a profit with ethical business practices.

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