How to Be Successful in Forex Trading – 2 Useful Strategies

Jack Prot

Do you want to make truckloads of cash in Forex Trading? If you do, then there are a few things you need to know besides knowing how to trade.

To be highly successful in this largest and most liquid financial market in the world, simple knowledge of all the major currencies in the world like the Japanese Yen, the Korean Won, the Australian dollar is not enough. Knowing when to trade and what to trade is more important. This is what Forex traders call a trading strategy.

What are Trading Strategies in Forex?

Money making strategies in Forex are numerous. Apply these strategies properly and you will make a bundle of money quickly. However, you cannot use the same strategies that you have learned from other markets like stocks or commodities in Forex.

The Leverage Forex Trading Strategy

The best known and most basic strategy in Forex is the leverage Forex trading strategy. Simply put, leverage trading is to borrow money to increase your earning potential. Using this strategy smartly, it is possible to make 100 times more than your original stake in a short period of time. Yet, the risk involved in this strategy is as great as its profit potential. If the strategy backfires, you will be wiped out. That is why you will need to combine the leverage trading strategy with the stop loss strategy to minimize the risk.

What Is the Stop Loss Strategy?

The core of the stop loss strategy is to create a pre-determined point where to stop your trading to make sure that you will not lose all your money too soon. While this strategy may prevent you from losing too much money, you can also miss an opportunity to make tons of cash when the value of the currency goes higher than expected. No strategy is 100% perfect.

These are the 2 most common strategies used by beginners. There are more advanced strategies that you have to learn, but these 2 strategies are sufficient for you to get started in Forex trading. Keep learning. Don’t believe anybody who tries to convince you that you don’t need to learn anything and to rely on Forex robots to make trading decisions for you. Some Forex robots are very smart and some can think like human. Forex robots can really help you in your quest for financial success, but never let them control the trading activities without your participation.

Forex robots are your assistants, not your bosses. Push them to make money for you, but never let them run the show singlehandedly.

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