Eye Exercises To Improve Color Perception And The Color Green Eye Exercise

Jack Prot

Eye exercises are natural techniques that increase vision health and one of the benefits of these techniques that you might not expect is the fact that they do improve color perception; The ability of the eyes to see colors brightly. There are a series of eye exercises called color days that are beneficial in improving color perception. These techniques involve choosing a certain color for each day of the week and focusing on that particular color to improve color perception. For example, on Monday you may choose the color blue. In this case you would focus on everything in your environment that has a blue color. For instance, focus on objects that are blue and for the duration of that entire day you would focus only on that color. On Tuesday you can focus on the color red and just observe every color in your environment that is red in color. One particular eye exercise that serves the same purpose is an eye exercise technique called focusing on the color green. Therefore, here is a demonstration as to how you can perform this technique called focusing on the color green:

When we think about the color green we think about money and prosperity. When it comes to eye exercises to improve color perception such as the color green eye exercise did you know that in oriental medicine that focusing on the color green actually improves eye health and the health of the liver as well? It is no surprise from that point of view, that the healthiest foods that support eye health that are good for your eyes are green vegetables.

In order to practice this technique practice the same principle in terms of how you would normally focus on one particular color for the duration of the day. But in this particular case you are focusing on the color green alone. Spend about 5 minutes outside focusing on this particular color. For instance, focus on the green grass, the trees, the plants or if possible animals in your environment that are green in color. Also, at home you can do a gentle visualization technique whereby you are visualizing the trees, plants and grass in your mind’s eye with your eyes closed for about 5 minutes. After performing this technique you will notice an improvement in your mood. You will experience feelings of joy, peace and happiness and a feeling of calm. In Chinese medicine focusing on the color green improves the natural function of the liver and also improves the health of the visual system for better eyesight. Often, we get so bogged down and preoccupied with the hustle and the bustle associated with our daily lives that we don’t take the time to notice the beauty of the environment around us and become more connected with Mother Nature. So this is another fringe benefit that we can enjoy by practicing focusing on the color green eye exercise.

The color green eye exercise has a series of vision health benefits. It improves the health of the liver and also the health of the visual system for better color perception. An interesting fringe benefit of this eye exercise technique is that it helps us to become more connected with our environment in a deeply spiritual way. Also, it improves our mood and creates feelings of joy, happiness and peace. By putting this color green eye exercise into practice we can do the things we need to do to improve our vision health, the health of our liver and become one with Mother Nature in a deeply spiritual way.

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