Color Can Instill Trust – Even in Life Insurance Agents

Jack Prot

Years ago a major US company wanted to find out how different colors affect the human psyche. In fact, they spent millions of dollars on this research.

You may wonder, “Why would anyone waste so much money for something like that?”

Well, you’d be amazed to know that they actually discovered a secret within a certain color that influenced the way their customers, associates and the world viewed them. The bottom line is, this color when used properly, instills TRUST and a sense of comfort in the human mind when it’s viewed.

Since then, this 118-year-old company has grown to be a global powerhouse with engineers and consultants in 170 different countries and almost 330,000 employees. Not to mention in 2005 took in $91 BILLION in annual revenue.

I don’t know if anyone can give you a fair estimate of how much this shade of blue has contributed to the success of this Corporate Giant…but they thought it was important enough to wear proudly in their logo.

This shade of blue is commonly referred to as IBM Blue, and as you probably guessed…the company is International Business Machine Corporation, IBM, also known as “BIG BLUE!”

Little things that instill trust… “Why Are They So Important?”

As you have probably seen in recent years, the life insurance industry has come under attack due to a minority of agents who use unscrupulous sales tactics. These attacks, unfortunately, affect all of us…

And it hits us where it hurts… “In the wallet.”

As soon as you say you’re an insurance agent, half the people either slam the door in your face or hang up on you. For the simple fact that we are financial advisors some people actually look at us as criminals… It seems we are guilty by association.

I brought up the story of IBM blue for this reason: As a reader of Million Dollar Leads I want you to have every advantage you can. Since one of the biggest problems we face as insurance agents and financial advisors is “TRUST or the lack there of,” I want to share with you every little tool and technique that will enhance the way your clients, prospects and leads view you.

For instance, you should always use a blue pen to sign your name…Again; the whole trust factor comes into play here. You may want to consider using blue ink on the paper that you use as your stationary… Another thing you can do is consider wearing a navy blue suit or blue tie when you’re meeting with your clients.

I even saw that there’s cologne out now called Liquid Trust that is suppose to instill trust in whoever smells it. Whatever works…It can’t hurt to try!

The main reason trust is so important is…Selling to someone that doesn’t trust you is like trying to force a square block into a round hole… “It’s just not gonna happen!” Ya see, when you are trusted, the resistance to hear what you have to say simply melts away.

I preach about the value of being a good listener…And actually listening to what your clients have to say and what they want…If you truly and sincerely listen to them and let them confide in you…Not only will you gain their trust, but your commissions and referrals will grow immensely.

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