What Is Knowledge Management?

Jack Prot

Knowledge management may refer to the ways organizations collect, manage, and use the knowledge that they obtain. Knowledge management is a term applied to techniques utilized for the methodical compilation, transfer, security and management of information in organizations, along with schemes designed to aid in making best use of that […]

The Roles of Mentors During the Air Force’s Transformation

Jack Prot

During the past few years, the Department of Defense and Air Force’s senior leaders have focused their efforts on the topic of Air Force transformation. According to the Air Force Pentagon (2006), transformation is the “process by which the military achieves and maintains an advantage through changes in operational concepts, […]

Why Deploy Neem Accredited Trainees In Your Organization?

Jack Prot

India is one among the fastest developing countries having a lot of manpower resources but it is not being properly utilized. Industries and service sectors looking for employees with good communication skills, team work and collaboration, research scholars should equip themselves to meet the demand. National Employability Enhancement Mission of […]

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