Business Internet Money Online Opportunity Through Link Sharing and Product Promotion

Jack Prot

Technology is moving at the speed of mind. Business is moving at the speed of sales. Online Businesses are the power of both. Businesses that allow you as an affiliate sell their products through adding their links to your web site and web pages is a very successful and profitable internet online money making opportunity. This technique can be called link sharing, product promotion or simply sales of products online.

The technique of link sharing, product promotion or simply sales of products online has also been called simply link share for putting links on a website to make money as part of a “link” sharing network. Link share is pretty much the term synonymous with this technique or category of selling product online.

As an internet entrepreneur trying to leverage money making opportunities, you can put “links” on your website, landing page, embed them in your emails and “share/promote” them with your entire customer base. You can get revenue for promoting books to credit cards and everything in between. All you need to do is go to a site with products that you want to promote and contact the webmaster or click on the “Affiliate” link to find out how you can become a part of the “network”. Once you are “welcomed” in, you can add the shared link to your campaign (website, landing pages, emails). Voila! You will be making money in the background and not even know it. It sounds pretty easy but there are some issues you will have to overcome.

The drawbacks to this category for making money on the internet are:

(1) Technical knowledge and being computer savvy

(2) Being “accepted” by “Advertisers” into their Community

(3) Staying on top of promotions and changes by the “Advertisers”

(4) Frequently monitoring “new” promotions and “hot” items

For anyone interested in making money online who enjoys promoting consumer products, this way to make money can be very lucrative. But, you have to recognize that the key is getting your customers and clients to click through your link in order for you to make money.

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