Big Ticket To Wealth vs Roadmap To Riches

Jack Prot

Big Ticket To Wealth (Bttw) and Roadmap To Riches (r2r) are both online marketing businesses that offer high commissions on direct sales to their affiliates that market their products. CEO Gerald Van Yerxa launched Big Ticket To Wealth at the beginning of December 2007 to offer a new and unique opportunity to the marketplace. CEO Brian Grant launched Roadmap To Riches at the end of June 2007 to capitalize on the personal development industry. So with all the buzz these two companies are getting, what are the products being sold and how does the compensation plans breakdown?


Big Ticket To Wealth provides a product line of internet marketing software, videos, ebooks, how to manuals and exclusive flash videos. All products come with 100% resell rights and can be sold as packages at a set price ($797-$1997) or individually at any price the affiliate chooses. The flash videos produced by Big Ticket cost up to $1,500 per. minute to produce and can be used to market several different home based business online. More details on the products and packages can be viewed on the corporate website and you are allowed to take a free test drive before purchasing.

Roadmap To Riches offers a digital library of personal development ebooks, software and videos. This digital library also comes with 100% resell rights and are instantly downloadable after purchase. All the specific products available are on the website for viewing prior to purchasing.

Also both business provide a 98% automated marketing system, lead capture pages, autoresponder messages and private members backoffice with tools, resources and training material.


There are three different levels in the Big Ticket To Wealth comp plan – National, Executive and Presidential members. As a national member you will make $300 per direct sale and make $300 on matching override bonuses from all your direct members sales. As a executive member earn up to $500 per direct sale and up to $700 on matching override bonuses. Presidential members will receive up to $900 per direct sale and up to $1500 on matching override bonuses. All member will also receive residual income up to $50 monthly on all their direct members $75/mo hosting and licensing fees. All this creates multiple streams of income, leverage and true long term residual income with your members never breaking away from you and becoming competition.

The Roadmap To Riches has a modified 2-up structured comp plan. Members earn $499.50 on the 1st two $999 sales and those two new members are ‘passed up’ to your sponsor. On your 3rd sale on you will earn $999 on all your direct sales and receive 499.50 on the pass up sales from your new members 1st two sales only. Also there is a $49.50/mo hosting and licensing fee to use the marketing system that is not commissionable.

The Big Ticket To Wealth comp plan is an industry 1st allowing members to get paid instantly on ever sale and making override bonuses for training new members on how to effectively market, which create team synergy. While Roadmap To Riches comp plan is similar to other 2-up comp plans where you have to pass up you 1st two sales to your sponsor and then you break away and become their competition and typically lose their training and support after you pass up your 1st two sales with no other financial incentive in place.

So with all the information discussed in this article you should be able to determine which program is the real deal and where you want to make your home on the internet.

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