7 Assets That Followers Desire in a Leader

Jack Prot

Every follower is attracted to a leader who possesses these qualities:

A – Calling – Few things are as compelling to followers as a clear calling in the life of a leader. Someone who has received and accepted a calling usually possesses vision, passion, energy, and commitment. Having the calling first really helps with the direction that you should go.

B – Insight – People respect a leader who has keen insight, who has the wisdom to see the real issue in any situation, and who can see what’s ahead. Again, the direction is clear and so easily known if you also have insight.

C – Charisma – People are attracted to leaders who make them feel good about themselves. The term charisma has two senses: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others, and a divinely conferred power or talent. As regards sense 1, scholars in political science, psychology, and management use the term “charisma” to describe a particular type of leader having “symbolic leader influence rooted in emotional and ideological foundations”. Charisma really does inspire others.

D – Talent – Followers are attracted to people with talent. Actors and musicians are idolized for their natural gifts and talents. Yes, many times it is talent, not appearance, that affects people more. Granted, being highly attractive does not hurt,

E – Ability – People love competence and are naturally attracted to people who can get things done. People follow because of what the leader does for the team. Not just what the leader does, but what the leader CAN do. His ability, and expected potential ability, attract quite a few people.

F – Communication Skills – A leader who can’t communicate his calling and vision has difficulty getting people to understand and buy into his leadership. This is more important than many people realize. You can not write notes by hand if you have illegible handwriting, for example. You will not be taken seriously. You must also have a good control of your language use.

G – Character – It takes character to win over people’s trust. The closer the leader is to the people, the greater the need for character. But, it also takes character to keep the people going in the right direction.

Everyone possesses these qualities in various degrees. Some come naturally. Others must be fought for. But the number and degree to which a leader possesses them will determine what king of and how many people will follow him. The stronger the quality, the better the follower who is attracted to it.

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